Belarus Watch: Prices skyrocketed

Dorota STRAUCH JULY 16, 2024 14:34 CEST

In June 2024, inflation marked another anticipated increase. Government decisions to hike the costs of utilities, electricity, and fuel have notably driven up service and food prices. The 2023 comparison base and high inflationary expectations also contribute to price growth.

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Ukraine Watch: Inflation in June surprised to the upside

Oleksandr PECHERYTSYN JULY 11, 2024 13:40 CEST

In June, inflation accelerated to 2.2% mom due to a significant increase in electricity tariffs, raising the annual rate to 4.8%. Food prices saw modest growth, while other categories also increased. Despite this, inflation remains below the NBU’s forecast of 5.4%.

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Czechia Watch: Inflation back on the target

Martin KRON JULY 10, 2024 13:58 CEST

Inflation returned to the CNB's 2% target in June after two months. This result comes as a surprise to the market, as none of the analysts in the Bloomberg poll predicted such a decline.

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Albania Watch: Bricks and beaches - booming sectors lift Q1 2024 GDP to 3.6%

Fjorent RRUSHI JULY 09, 2024 16:45 CEST

GDP grew by 3.6%yoy, led by construction & services. Albanians are also feeling confident, with household spending rising on wage increases and easier access to credit. We see this trend continuing into 2024, with tourism & public investment fueling growth. Stay tuned for our Q2 update for a closer look at how these trends are unfolding!

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Kosovo Watch: Is the boom real? Unveiling the mystery behind Q1 growth

Fjorent RRUSHI JULY 08, 2024 13:32 CEST

Kosovo's economy defied expectations with a stellar 5.6% growth in Q1 2024, exceeding even optimistic forecasts. While all sectors contributed, the surge seems surprising considering modest individual growth rates. The answer lies in a dramatic 23.2% increase in net taxes, suggesting a crackdown on the informal economy is paying off. However, the possibility of future revisions to the data casts a note of caution.

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Wide Angle Shot: NGEU at the halfway mark

Elizabeta SABOLEK-RESANOVIC JULY 05, 2024 10:16 CEST

The first attempt at evaluation of NGEU's impact on CEE countries shows a mixed picture of significant progress in some areas and challenges in others. Continued focus on effective implementation, overcoming bottlenecks, and achieving the long-term goals of resilience and sustainability will be crucial for the success of the initiative.

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Albania Watch: From hike to strike, BoA surprises with a rate cut

Fjorent RRUSHI JULY 04, 2024 14:29 CEST

Albania's inflation surprise has led to a sweet treat for businesses - a rate cut! The central bank slashed rates by 0.25%, reversing course after a tightening cycle. While global trends and a strong Lek helped cool prices, domestic factors like wage growth still simmer. Will a wait-and-see approach keep the party going, or will future price adjustments force the central bank to step back in?

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