Raiffeisen Research 2.0 - A research boutique in the Austrian and CEE space

Dear clients and regular readers of Raiffeisen Research, as you can see, we have used the turn of the year to reposition ourselves in many dimensions ...

... in the future, we want to connect with you via our new portal. Here we are focusing on a new user experience and functionalities (e.g. intuitive navigation, improved search functions or device-independent and user-friendly research access). We are focusing on web publishing; PDF documents are "only" generated by the customer on the fly. Of course, you will still find relevant publications from 2020 on the portal. On the content level and for our external clients, we will focus even more on our core competencies. In addition to the analysis of the economies and markets in CEE and Austria, these are also numerous services for the Austrian Raiffeisen sector in equity and investment topics.

Going forward we want to respond faster to market events in our core region Austria, the euro area and CEE. Moreover, our numerous international clients (institutional clients, corporate clients, public institutions, etc.) shall profit from our wide-ranging research footprint in CEE. In the CEE analysis, we will focus on even deeper integration and collaboration with our empowered and well-established analyst colleagues and teams in thirteen CEE countries. Our colleagues from Budapest to Bucharest, from Tirana to Moscow will certainly be happy to inform you and provide you with competent expert advice.

In order to deliver with a short time to market we have revised our research product catalogue and are focusing in a first phase on quick and relevant comments plus our most important products so far. We will then be happy to optimise, expand and deepen our product offering on an ongoing basis, in line with our core competencies and according to your highly appreciated client feedback.

The Raiffeisen research team in CEE and Vienna is looking forward to update you about current trends in CEE and our Western core markets (Austria, euro area). In my function as newly appointed Head of Raiffeisen Research I am looking forward to moving closer to all of our clients, delivering on our USP as Research house focussed on Austria, the euro area and our CEE core markets. My esteemed predecessor Peter Brezinschek will continue to enrich our team with his experience and act as my deputy in 2021. The entire Raiffeisen Research team in Vienna and CEE wishes you a good start into a successful year 2021!

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Gunter Deuber is heading the Economics and Financial Analysis division (Raiffeisen Research) at Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) since 1 January 2021. Since 2011, Gunter Deuber has held leading positions in RBI's Economic and CEE Research and has continuously expanded the cooperation with his research colleagues in RBI’s subsidiary banks in CEE. Since the early 2000s, he has been analysing economies, banking sectors and market topics with a focus on CEE and EU/euro area topics for RBI in Vienna, but also in the international (investment) banking context in Frankfurt. He regularly presents the views of Raiffeisen Research and his research team at meetings with investors and clients. He is a well sought-after speaker at landmark events in the finance and banking industry and a guest lecturer at several universities/teaching institutions. In 2019, he was nominated for the US State Department's IVLP (International Visitor Leadership Program). Gunter has published several edited volumes on Euro/EU crisis issues and published various articles in professional journals and industry magazines. Outside the office, Gunter enjoys travelling with his family and long-distance running.

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Peter Brezinschek is acting as Chief Analyst in Raiffeisen Banking Group since 1985. From 1999 to 2020 he was Global Head of Raiffeisen Research. In 1992 he founded the CEE analysis activity in Austria and locally in Central & Eastern European units. Since 2002 he has bundled all economic and financial analysis of the Raiffeisen Banking Group under the brand name “Raiffeisen Research”. He has worked as a co-author on several specialist books and regularly gives public lectures on economics and financial market topics. Active as an expert in the Austrian Fiscal Council for 20 years. The principal interests are ordo-liberalism & economic policy in the context of climate change, the business cycle development as well as monetary & fiscal policy. In his private life he likes to do all kinds of sports to enjoy nature and stay fit. Personal passion is financing tree planting in the City of Vienna.