Bosnia a. H. Watch: Political agreement on principles for a functional B&H

Yesterday in Brussels, political representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) in the presence of EU representatives (Mr. Michel and Mr. Borrell), adopted the political agreement on principles for ensuring a functional B&H.

Encouraging agreement of B&H political leaders with EU representatives

The final version of the agreement on the principles for ensuring a functional B&H i.e. making further steps on the path towards the EU, has been adopted yesterday in Brussels in the presence of leaders of the political parties represented in the Parliamentary Assembly and the members of the Presidency of B&H as well as President of the European Council, Mr. Charles Michel, and the High Representative of the European Union, Mr. Josep Borrell. This agreement underlined key priorities put in front of B&H political leaders:

  • Full adherence to all binding international and domestic court decisions with the objective of ensuring compliance with European standards;

  • General Elections 2022 need to be organized efficiently and conducted in an orderly manner with a fair campaign, free from divisive and hateful rhetoric;

  • Urgent adoption of: Law on B&H High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC) and Law on Courts; Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interest; Public Procurement law; Reform of Election Law - not later than 6 months from the formation of governments at all levels.

However, the president of the Croat Democratic Party Mr. Dragan Covic was not part of the high level meeting in Brussels due to his opposition against the format of negotiation, where once again he underlined that the current Election Law is not acceptable for him and his party. Also, within the preamble of this agreement, it stated that all participants recognize the importance of the political moment and responsibility towards all citizens of B&H, bearing in mind the “United Nations General Assembly resolution on the aggression against Ukraine”, adopted on 2 March 2022. However, the representatives from RS once again call for a discussion and adoption of the decision on the situation in Ukraine at B&H Presidency level, which is not surprising since they previously advocated for a neutral stance.

The Brussels agreement in the Election year came as moral commitment of political leaders in B&H to focus, once again, on the importance of implementing reforms within 14 key priorities set out in the Commission's Opinion in order to strengthen Bosnia and Herzegovina's European integration path. Hence, this agreement should be viewed in a broader context because talks on the candidate status of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova have been announced for 23 June 2022 within the EU structures, so after agreement of B&H political leaders, there is a possibility that B&H will be on the EU agenda.

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Asja Grdjo officially joined the Research team of Raiffeisen BANK B&H in the April 2021 with the role of the Senior Economic Analyst. After graduating Economics at the University of Sarajevo, Asja started to work as securities broker at Raiffeisen Bank's subsidiary brokerage house back in 2006. After five years, brokerage business was merged to Bank’s Treasury department where she has been working ever since. Through the different roles within the department (investments advisor, capital market specialist and proprietary manager), she strengthen her skills and knowledge being regularly involved also as a support for local Research team. As a former basketball player, Asja enjoys watching good basketball game as well passing her experience to her two daughters.

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Ivona Zametica has established B&H Research Team within Raiffeisen BANK d.d. Bosnia and Herzegovina back in March 2010. She graduated at Economic Faculty of Zagreb in Macroeconomics and Finance and further deepened her knowledge through the Master degree program in Advanced Financial Management and Markets. She has been among top 3 forecasters for economic indicators of B&H in Focus Economics pool in the past four years and granted the award as the best overall forecaster for 2021. She has been further deepening her knowledge about the Financial Markets and Investment Banking in several projects and transactions of the Bank and being part of the Working Group supporting establishing the local DCM market in B&H. She has been also author of several research papers and studies related to currency board in B&H, government debt management and access to finance of SME’s in B&H. Apart from current coverage of B&H market and interest in SEE and CEE region, she has been particularly interested in monetary policy and recent technological impacts on future of monetary policy and currencies. Ivona is passionate yoga practitioner while in the free time she enjoys the most with her family and friends in travelling, hiking while dancing, theater and music are her passions from the childhood which she shares now with her daughter.